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What duties will your personal representative fill?

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2022 | Estate Planning |

An estate plan is a large, complex thing that takes many years to create and maintain. A personal representative will typically handle nearly all matters tied to it after your death.

Thus, it is crucial for this person to have what it takes to manage the estate and fulfill all their duties. But what exactly are these duties in the first place?

Managing your documents discusses the duties that a personal representative must take on when managing an estate. In essence, your representative will handle just about every matter related to your documents, your assets and keep everyone up to date and on the same page. On top of that, they will also handle matters like your funeral and whatever you want done with your body after your death.

They will collect all relevant documents and have a good filing system that lets them keep track of all necessary information in a quick, easy, well-organized way. They will also deal with matters of your finances that you leave unfinished, such as unpaid debts or the last taxes you must file.

Handling your assets

Your personal representative will ensure that your beneficiaries get the maximum amount out of your estate by managing your bills properly. They will cancel unnecessary expenses like subscription services and internet services and they will handle all payments quickly.

Once the probate process has ended, they will also divide assets among your beneficiaries. Thus, they need a slew of professional skills like time management, organization, leadership skills and communication skills.