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When parenting styles differ

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2023 | Divorce |

The most challenging aspect of divorce is the impact on children. The different parenting styles that existed throughout the marriage will likely continue post-divorce. Cooperation between divorcing spouses is paramount regardless of how they approach raising their children in two separate residences.

More than 63 million United States households have children raised by both parents. Approximately 15 percent of households are composed of single parents.

The need for compromise

Admittedly, what works for one parent may not work for the other. The objective should be continuing compromise for co-parents when it comes to everything from dinner routines to schooling and religious practices. Even spring break requires negotiation and give-and-take. In a perfect world, both parents would agree for the sake of consistency.

However, parents are not obligated to follow the same paths when it comes to raising their children. In some cases, divorced parents reach out to family and friends for help. Even fellow divorced parents who have traveled down the same roads may be a good resource instead of going it alone.

No parent’s perspective is perfect. Instead, varying and customizing strategies work with different kids in certain times and situations.

A generational impact

If the offspring of divorce eventually become parents, they will have a rich diversity of parenting viewpoints. That wider lens of viewpoints can make them better parents. They can incorporate the best of both parents into their parenting approach.

Divorce is a life-changing and traumatic event that often comes with an uncertain future. Parents who focus on the best interests of their children and shoulder the burden of a marriage ending can ease the difficult transition for their kids.