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Directing co-parenting towards being supportive

Co-parenting after splitting up can have many complexities for parents. The situation can be particularly complicated when both parents have since formed new relationships and brought stepparents into their child's life. When navigating co-parenting situations in the midst of a complex web of family relationships, staying focused on being supportive of their child can be very important for a parent.

A recent photo out on the internet has gotten many people thinking  about co-parenting and the important supportive role parents and stepparents can play in a child's life.

Parents often underestimate the expenses of a child's first year

It is well-known that raising kids has a good deal of expenses connected with it. However, parents may still be substantially underestimating just how expensive it is.

Take, for instance, the findings of a recent NerdWallet analysis. The analysis, through a survey, found that over half of expectant parents believe that the expenses related to a child's first year typically come in at $5,000 or less. Eighteen percent of the survey respondents estimated such expenses to be $1,000 or less.

Protecting one's financial best interests in a divorce

Divorce impacts a wide range of areas in a person's life. The arrangement that is reached when it comes to property division, alimony and other financial matters in a divorce could impact many things in the future, including a person's credit score, their ability to achieve their financial and life goals and even their retirement.

Protecting yourself financially can be a very big priority as you are going through the divorce process.

Avoid these 6 things during your divorce

Divorce can be complicated and messy, even later in life when the kids are grown and have families of their own. By this point, you and your husband have acquired some high-value assets, such as real estate, investment portfolios and retirement accounts. You have worked for years to build your wealth and now it is at risk because of your impending divorce.

One of the biggest mistakes people make during a divorce is rushing the process and not taking the time to put things in order and take the necessary steps to protect your assets. Fortunately, a Pompano Beach divorce attorney can give you the guidance you need to keep what is yours. Read further for six things to avoid in order to limit financial loss during divorce.

Report: Florida the 13th most stressed state

A recent report suggests that people in Florida are dealing with a fair amount of stress.

The report ranked the states based on stress level. In determining the stress level of a state, the report considered 33 different factors. These factors fell into four broad categories of stress: family-related, health/safety-related, money-related and work-related.

Schedule-related concerns for doctors in divorces

Some professionals have fairly run-of-the-mill work schedules, while others do not. Doctors tend to fall into the latter category. Physicians can have a very demanding and unpredictable work schedule. This can raise special issues for a doctor when they are getting divorced.

Long and unusual hours are one of the many things that can make being a doctor a particularly stressful occupation. With so much work stress, the idea of facing a lot of divorce-related stress can be a daunting one for a physician. So, while keeping the stress of a divorce down as much as possible is a common goal for many divorcing individuals, it can be a particularly big concern for doctors.

When child support enforcement issues come up in Florida

Among the family law issues that can come up after a divorce are enforcement issues. For example, allegations may arise that one of the parties to the divorce has failed to make payments required under a court order. This could include accusations of failing to make child support payments.  

How does alimony affect your taxes?

If you have been ordered to pay alimony or the courts have decided that you will receive alimony, you might be wondering how it will affect your taxes. One of the things that separate alimony from child support is that the spouse receiving it will have to pay taxes on it. So, it follows that if one spouse is paying taxes on it, the spouse paying it can use it as a deduction.

You can deduct alimony payments if you meet the following requirements:

Responding to suspected squandering of marital assets

In a divorce, it is important for both parties to stick to fair tactics. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Sometimes, a party decides to resort to unfair behavior to try to better their position or hurt their spouse. For example, sometimes, a person will purposefully waste marital assets to try to reduce what their spouse will receive in the divorce.

The other spouse is not out of luck if their spouse engages in such dissipation or depletion of assets in connection with a divorce in Florida. There are steps they can take to combat such unfair behavior. Under Florida law, courts can factor in the intentional squandering of an asset by a party when deciding what would be an equitable or fair division of property in a divorce.

Understanding probate laws in Florida

When a person passes away in Florida, it is common for one's estate to go through the probate process. This means that the court will supervise the transfer of the decedent's assets to the people or organizations that are entitled to receive them.

The probate process can be complicated and is often time-consuming, especially if an individual passes away without a will. If you find yourself in a position where you have to deal with the probate process, it is important to understand what you can expect during the proceedings. An experienced probate attorney in the Pompano Beach area can help you navigate the court system and the process. Read further for an overview of Florida probate laws.

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