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Prenup is not a bad word

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2019 | Firm News |

There are many legal tools that you can use to secure your financial future in Florida, and perhaps one of the most important, if you are planning to marry, is the prenuptial agreement. At the Law Office of Cheryl Bucker, P.A., we understand that the idea of discussing this document can cause some people to cringe, despite its importance.

Why has the prenuptial agreement gotten such a negative reputation? Business Insider suggests some prenup reluctance may be due to these misperceptions.

Myth #1: Prenups are just for divorce

While you do not want to head for divorce without a signed prenuptial agreement, proposing one to your soon-to-be spouse should not be a sign to him or her that you are not committed to the relationship. On the contrary, this document helps you and your intended spouse to establish your financial expectations with each other. It can also help you to prepare your estate planning documents, which is particularly important if either of you already has children from another relationship.

Myth #2: Prenups can allocate power in the relationship

Maybe you have heard that some people include seemingly ridiculous terms in their prenup, such as who will do the housework or how much weight either spouse may gain. It is possible that this is true, but it is not at all likely that the document is legally enforceable. In fact, if there are many unreasonable terms in a prenup, a family law judge may decide to disregard the whole thing if you do end up in divorce court.

Myth #3: One spouse can require that the other sign a prenup

If there is any coercion or pressure to sign on the part of one spouse, the other may contest its validity in the event of a divorce. Any evidence of duress, such as a contract signed immediately before the wedding, for example, may result in a judge invalidating the document.

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