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Alimony may make a divorce financially feasible

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2020 | Alimony/Spousal Support |

You may have come to the end of your rope when it comes to dealing with your spouse, but you may fear that living on your own is not financially possible. When this is the case, we often advise people to look into the possibility of alimony.

The courts do not always award alimony, but certain circumstances make it much more likely.

  1. You have been a stay-at-home parent

Once you leave the workforce, it can affect your earning potential almost immediately. Gaps in employment and loss of experience can make finding a new job difficult, and you may need retraining or more education to find a new job in your field. A judge may award you rehabilitative alimony for up to four years while you do what you need to do to rejoin the workforce.

  1. You cannot afford your own place

Moving is expensive, but keeping the family house is, too. Bridge-the-gap alimony’s purpose is to get you set up in your new life. Your spouse pays this alimony for up to two years to help you make the transition to a self-supporting single life.

  1. Your marriage lasted 17 years or longer

Ending a long-term marriage can be devastating to your standard of living as well as your emotions. Permanent alimony can end, despite its name, if you remarry.

Florida alimony laws cover a broad range of circumstances, so do not give up just because you do not fall into one of these categories. More information about alimony options is available on our webpage.