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Who can get Florida alimony?

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2021 | Alimony/Spousal Support |

Do you worry about how you will support yourself as an independent household after divorce? In Florida, you may qualify for spousal support, sometimes called alimony. 

Review the types of Florida alimony and learn about how to seek this type of financial assistance. 

Temporary support

If you have separated from your spouse and cannot pay your bills or afford a place of your own, you can ask the court to award temporary support. You must demonstrate that you lack financial stability and that your spouse has the means to provide support, which will end when the divorce becomes final. 

Bridge-the-gap support

With this type of arrangement, you get help from your former spouse to transition to a single household. Bridge-the-gap alimony can last up to two years and provides support for a specific purpose, such as living expenses while you seek full-time employment or sell your house. 

Rehabilitative support

If you need time to gain experience, training or education to obtain a better career, you can ask for rehabilitative support in your divorce. Florida requires you to present a plan to become financially independent through this type of rehabilitation before awarding alimony for this purpose. 

Durational support

This time simply describes alimony with a time limit. Usually, this type of spousal support does not last longer than the duration of your marriage (hence the name). 

Florida rarely awards permanent spousal support. However, you can ask for ongoing alimony if you care for a child who has special needs or cannot work because of a disability or age. All types of spousal support end if your spouse dies or if you remarry.