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Posts tagged "divorce"

How to handle co-parenting during the holidays after a divorce

Under the best of circumstances, the holidays are a pretty stressful time. There are family visits, trips, presents and big meals to plan for, as well as increased outside social obligations. Although some people get time off from work, that often means a heavier work load the week before and after a major holiday.

Keeping teens happy during a divorce: 3 tips

When you choose to go through a divorce, that decision impacts everyone in your family. If you're a parent to a teen, that could be a difficult conversation to have. Teens don't like to be out of control, and many may struggle with the idea that their parents are splitting up. Some teens may believe it's their fault or that one parent is leaving because he or she doesn't love the child.

The process of valuing and dividing unusual assets

Getting divorced often involves some difficult decisions. You and your spouse need to determine how to divide your assets, the terms of custody and visitation, and proper amounts for child and even spousal support. For many couples, asset division can be a sticking point that leads to a protracted court battle.

Understanding how retirement accounts will get split in divorce

Most people already know that unless they have a prenuptial agreement in place, divorce means their assets will get split with their spouse. The same is true of debts acquired during the marriage. Florida is an equitable distribution state, which means that all marital assets will get divided between you and your spouse by the courts. Marital assets are any assets accumulated during the marriage.

Gallup: Divorce rate down, yet more Americans find it morally OK

According to the Gallup organization, adults in the U.S. have come to see both marriage and divorce differently than they had in the past. The group concludes that most demographic groups in America no longer see marriage and divorce in moral terms, but rather as formal legal processes.

Moving on after a gray divorce

Divorcing after 50 may seem like a terrifying prospect. However, you may be better equipped to handle a divorce versus women that are in their twenties or thirties. You have had time to establish yourself financially. In addition, you may also be able to handle the rollercoaster of emotions and mental challenges due to your life experiences.

How to determine if your spouse is hiding assets during divorce

Going through a divorce can become a protracted and frustrating process. It is difficult putting an official end to one of your most important relationships. If your former spouse is refusing to cooperate, that can make divorcing so much harder than it needs to be. If you have already separated or are estranged, there may be additional complications to your divorce. An estranged spouse may refuse to share critical financial information, which can complicate the process. After all, how can you work toward an equitable distribution of assets if you don't know what marital assets exist?

Social media can make things harder during your divorce

For many, social media has become a primary means of connecting with others. In some cases, people use their social media accounts to maintain friendships, share special news and get advice or recommendations from people. Other people use it as a platform for venting frustrations and gossiping. If you fall into that second category and are going through a divorce, you should be very careful about what you are posting on social media. In some cases, it can and will be used against you during your divorce proceedings. You should speak with your attorney about how to act on social media.